Agile Framing - Free license

Agile framing is under a free license CC BY-NC-ND. I created this page to better understand the advantages and constraints of this license. Agile framing uses certain practices that are not the creation of agile framing.


No modification – If you make a remix, that you transform, or create from the material composing the original Work, you are not authorized to distribute or make available the modified Work.

Can my company modify this framework internally?

Yes, you are completely free to modify the framework in your company. Agile framing being an agile framework even recommends that you adapt it if necessary to your context.

You will not be able to redistribute it to other companies in this modified form.


Attribution – You must credit the Work, include a link to the license and indicate whether any modifications have been made to the Work. You must indicate this information by all reasonable means, without however suggesting that the Offeror supports you or supports the way in which you have used his Work.

Can I communicate on our agile framing application?

Yes, you are free to do that. We will only ask you to quote “agile framing”.

If you have adapted the agile framing to your context, you have to indicate that it has been adapted. A simple “our version of agile framing”, “agile framing adapted to the context” for examples is enough.

Can I make an article on my blog? or make a video about the subject?

Yes, you are free to communicate on the framework; you have just to quote “agile framing” and purpose a link to the home page of this site (for articles).


No Commercial Use – You are not authorized to make commercial use of this Work, all or part of the material composing it.

Can my company use agile framing as a 100% internal offer from my company?

Your company is 100% authorized to create internal offers from the original or adapted framework without any agreement.

If you use providers to carry out your internal projects, even modified use does not require an agreement.

We recommend that you be careful not to change all the names of the workshops or governance groups if you want your employees not to be disturbed to see other names on the official site.

Can I purpose an offer to deploy agile framing in my service business?

Yes, but only with the agreement of Myagile Partner.

Can I offer some training about agile framing?

Yes if one of your employees or the president of your company has obtained AFCT certification.

Yes, also with the agreement of Myagile Partner to display the offer. However, training must be carried out by an internal or external person with AFC or AFCT certification.

Are all the practices from agile framing?

No, some practices come from the agile community. Their use depends on their authors themselves. Please refer to these authors for the authorized commercial uses.