Agile framing is a framework that allow to prepare the development of a product in 100% agile! It is a framework that allows an idea to mature and transform it to a viable solution; it is the solution to operate in “product mode” and become a truly agile organization.

Agile framing offers three solutions depending on the context:

  • prepare the launch of a product / service
  • prepare a program including several products / services
  • transform the entire organization to be in a “product mode”

* It is a framework 100% free to use in companies. No license is required to do agile framing in your companies

100% agile product launch methodology


It is not uncommon for an initial idea to require work before the start of the implementation phase. And the practice of “sprint 0” does not meet this need. Companies often call this phase “preparation”, “initialization” or “inception”.

So many organizations opt regularly for a work of maturing of the initial idea directly in the business unit that lead the business topic of the product! And that only strengthens the silos within the organization. The representation below reminds what we regularly observe within organizations; and obviously, this way  is not a good solution.

bad agile practice

Therefore, Agile framing offers to transform the entire life cycle of your product in agile! And not only for the implementation phase.

Agile framing breaks down the silos, brings together all expertise around the same common goal: to offer the most suitable product / service for our customers!

All the necessary expertise will work collaboratively (and co-located) over the entire product life cycle with agile framing. And never forget that in “product mode“, the product framing never stops because the product evolves according to feedback from stakeholders and users. 

agile framing in product life cycle

Agile framing answers your problems

Do you have the same problems like many companies?

  • Sprint 0 is different depending on your projects!
  • Product launch phases take way too long!
  • The teams fail to organize themselves on the launch of a product!
  • The first sprints of the implementation phase are chaotic!
  • Unable to control the budget for our projects.
  • Teams fail to operate in “product” mode

So, Agile Framing is for you because it offers a complete framework that meets all your expectations. Finally, it purposes a complete framework for the preparing of the implementation phase for your products

The objectives of agile framing

Here are the objectives that agile framing proposes to achieve:

1 / Have a good vision of the product (and share it)
2 / Prepare a refined iteration backlog of the first iteration
3 / Start to prepare the technical base, the devops strategy and the environments
4 / Train teams around agile mindset and the agile methods that will use during the implementation phase
5 / Definition of governance
6 / Ensure that the estimated budget and the envisaged resources are adequate
7 / Ability to take a Go / No go decision at any time
8 / Formalize the framework that will be used during the implementation phase

Agile Framing Canvas

The canvas briefly explains the different steps from the launch of the agile framing until the launch of the implementation phase (often in scrum).

agile framing canvas

We can certify your employees!

Agile framing purposes 4 different certifications that validate the skills of your employees. They will benefit of training carried out by recognized professionals!

Our certifications range from participants to trainer / coach

Agile Framing Practitioner

Agile Framing Master

Agile Framing Coach

Agile Framing Coach Trainer