Awareness objective

The aim of this awareness-raising is:

  • understand the agile framing framework
  • to be reassured before performing an agile framing
  • to be more efficient during an agile framing
  • and to be officially certified

Awareness program

Here is the program of this awareness:

  • agile mindset and agile culture
  • what is being agile?
  • the framework
    • vision of all workshops
    • overall functioning
  • funny quiz

Duration: 1 day

Awareness pricing

The awareness can be done in two different formats. These prices are applied by the company “Myagile Partner” (creator of this framework); other partner institutes may apply other tariffs.

External Agile Framing Practitioner Awareness

We purpose awareness sessions in our premises.

Price: € 800 for each participant *

* the price decreases if two people or more from the same company participate at the same session. Ask us for more information.

Internal Agile Framing Practitioner Awareness

If the company wishes to have an internal awareness, this is possible. It will have to provide a room for the workshops.

Price: € 1600 + € 100 (per participant)