Training objective

The purpose of this training is:

  • to master the agile framing framework
  • to be able to prepare an agile framing
  • to be able to facilitate and animate an agile framing
  • to be able to take a role of professional framing master
  • to coach teams and organization about agile framing
  • to train “framing masters” during operational coaching
  • to sensitize “framing practitioner” during operational coaching (and to certify them)
  • to be officially certified
  • may a request that his company be authorized to sell certification training (under contract)

This training is the most complete on agile framing. It allows you to become a real coach of this framework.

Training Program

Here is the program of this training:

  • agile mindset and agile culture
  • what is being agile?
  • in-depth learning of the framework
    • know how to lead each workshop
    • fully understand the sequence of workshops (and master them)
    • manage guided interviews
    • know all the traps that framing masters can meet and know how to settle them
    • know how to manage an agile framing in its entirety without hindrance
    • know the governance around the team: decision committee, ministry …
  • master its role as a framing master
  • learn to facilitate
  • know how to do agile framing on a overall program
  • learn to train teams and certify their members
  • learning the low posture
  • know how to coach the team, the framing master and the organization
  • how to work on the current processes to settle the agile framing to scale
  • funny quiz

Duration: 4 days

  • apprendre à faciliter
  • savoir faire des framing agile de programme
  • maitriser le framing agile à l’échelle
  • apprendre à former les équipes et à certifier ses membres
  • apprentissage de la posture basse
  • savoir coacher l’équipe, le framing master et l’organisation
  • comment travailler les processus actuels pour amener un framing agile à l’échelle
  • quizz sous forme de jeux

Durée : 4 jours (or 2 days for members already certified AFM)

Training pricing

Training can be done in two different formats. These prices are applied by the company “Myagile Partner” (creator of this framework); other partner institutes may apply other tariffs.

External Agile Framing Master Training

We purpose awareness sessions in our premises.

Price: € 3000 for each participant *

* the price decreases if two people or more from the same company participate at the same session. Ask us for more information.

Internal Agile Framing Master Training

If the company wishes to have an internal awareness, this is possible. It will have to provide a room for the workshops.

Price: € 6400 + € 400 (per participant)