The basic solution of agile framing allow to do an agile framing unitarily on the creation of a specific product. If you want to do several agile framings in parallel, you will have to opt for the other proposed solutions.

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Agile Framing – basic solution

Here is the canvas of the basic version of agile framing.

Who is concerned ?

  • small startups
  • small businesses
  • entrepreneurs who want to launch a product
  • the big companies that want to test the framework (a driver)

framing agile canvas - basic solution

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Here is the table of all the elements needed to implement the basic solution of agile framing. Indeed, its implementation is more difficult than it may seem at first.

* You can see all these articles available in the french blog (english version is not already complete) !

Running of agile framing Key elements
Pre-framing (soon) Decision Committee (soon)
Devops/Craftsmanship (soon)
Mission Objective Planning (soon)
Vision Review (soon)
Risks Retrospective (soon)
Roadmap Official certifications (soon)
Organization Agile framing sheet (soon)
Production (and refinement) Continuous training / awareness (soon)
Set the duration of agile framing (soon)
Retrospective of end of framing Non waterfall framework (soon)
Key roles
Framing Master (soon) Agile Framing Coach (soon)
Product Owner (soon) Stakeholders (soon)
Key users (soon) Technical Lead (soon)

You will find all the elements and explanations of workshops within these different pages. So, don’t hesitate to navigate within these pages or use the search engine to find a specific workshop.