The third step in the agile framing that starts out of “product vision” is to work on the identified risks. Indeed, it is essential to treat them even if the final decision will not necessarily be to treat all of them. The objective will be for each identified risk to define whether the team:

  • must handle the risk
  • can find a solution to decrease the probability carried by the risk
  • accept to live with the risk
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Here is in red the step represented on the canvas:

agile framing - risks
agile framing – risks


When a company wants to launch a new product, it’s essential that it settles the potential risks. Continuing the product maturation  without any analysis of the potential dangers can be a real financial risk. Although, this may seem more important to entrepreneurs with very limited finances, large companies have to assess all the risks in order to face increasingly aggressive competition.

The workshops for this third step are:

  • Risk board (soon)
  • Risk management (soon)

* You can see all these articles available in the french blog (english version is not already complete) !

Agile framing v2 greatly strengthens this risk management; it’s essential to give the best possible conditions to the new products . Failure to manage them will likely have significant costs. As agile framing is an agile framework, it insists on the need to identify and manage them in order to guarantee impeccable quality of the product and to certify a secure environment for its development.

However, if the “critical” risks are identified before to do this third step, the team will have to deal with them without waiting to arrive at this step of the framework. The team will keep the opportunity to wait for this step to deal with the risks that don’t seem critical for the launch of the product.

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