The fifth step of agile framing which starts at the end of the “agile roadmap” is to work on the organization of the implementation phase; For the entrepreneurs want to launch a product, they will take advantage of this phase to imagine how they will organize the product improvement step (at the end of the MVP). This step should generally start after the decision of a “go” for the implementation phase.

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Here is in red the step represented on the canvas:

agile framing - organization
agile framing – organization


This step makes it possible to work on the organization of the phase of implementation at the end of agile framing. The organization to work can be very different according to the different following cases:

  • a company launching a new product
  • entrepreneurs who want to launch an MVP

Although the goal will remain the same, the needs for entrepreneurs on this step will be less important than a company. Entrepreneurs should not unnecessarily burden the process, which will have a significant cost for them. To launch an MVP on the market, they must go as quickly as possible to limit investments as much as possible before making sure that their product has real chances of success.

This step should not be overlooked because it will really allow the launch of an implementation phase in the best conditions. Some teams tend to accelerate it while it’s indirectly a pillar for the implementation of the product. A well-defined and clear organization will avoid many moments of wandering.

The key workshops for this fifth step are:

  • Definition of the framework of the implementation phase
  • Create the Definition of Done (clarifications are made in V2)
  • Create the Definition of Ready (concept reviewed in V2)
  • Define governance
  • Create team identity

Beyond the organization itself, it’s very important that the team creates a real identity. The teams creating an identity are often more motivated than the “anonymous” teams. Entrepreneurs should not underestimate this creation of identity which will only strengthen their ties.

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