Mission and challenges

The first step in agile framing is to work on the mission and the challenges for the company; this will mainly aim to align all the actors of the product around common objectives. The company never decides to embark on a new adventure by chance. Thus, it is essential for the team to clearly define the mission and the challenges around the product and to share this work.

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mission and challenges
mission and challenges

Mission and challenges

This step which starts an agile framing is relatively short; we can talk about the first morning of agile framing. Agile framing purposes two complete workshops for its implementation which requires the presence of the complete team but also of sponsors and important stakeholders of the product that the company wishes to create.

The workshops are:

  • Framing Starter Board (soon)
  • OKR (soon)

* You can see all these articles available in the french blog (english version is not already complete) !

Sometimes OKRs involve radical changes to achieve these types of hierarchical objectives. If the company is unable to create these OKRs on the D-Day, don’t hesitate to define classic objectives with the expected key results (but without the hierarchical system of OKRs).

An essential alignment

Alignment with the product objectives for the company and its challenges are essential for the whole team to take the same direction. It’s essential that the team understands the context, history and values of the company that decides to launch this agile framing.

The results of these workshops can be reviewed and improved anytime during the agile framing or even during the implementation phase. As a reminder, agile framing is not a waterfall framework but a 100% lean-agile framework. Any result that we may call “increments” can be updated at any time for different reasons.

Besides, the first objective planning will only be done after the end of this first stage. Indeed, this planning moment will only concern the internal team of the agile framing; sponsors and stakeholders will not be invited.

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