Agile roadmap

agile roadmap
agile roadmap

The fourth step of agile framing which starts at the end of the “risks” is to work on the agile roadmap. Indeed, it will be essential for a large number of companies to know the costs and the time required to produce the product. If some companies will bet on a #NoEstimate concept (no estimate to move forward), this step will however allow them to have a vision on the start of the product and the possible directions to achieve.

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Here is in red the step represented on the canvas:

framing agile - agile roadmap
framing agile – agile roadmap

Agile roadmap

This step creates an agile roadmap for the advancement of the product. However, the team and the sponsors must constantly remember that it will evolve throughout the product life. Indeed, in agile, a product backlog is dynamic and it will constantly evolve. A large number of companies will have the essential need to define the realistic deadlines and the budget necessary for the implementation of the product.

The key workshops for this fourth step are:

  • Extrême Quotation (soon)
  • Release Board (soon)

* You can see all these articles available in the french blog (english version is not already complete) !

Agile framing v2 fed this step with many different prioritization proposals; this with the aim that the team can adapt the prioritization according to the context of the company. If the goal is generally to deliver a maximum value as soon as possible, this notion of “value” can become a real headache. Therefore, this aspect has been reinforced to give maximum flexibility and possibilities to the teams.

Agile framing offers teams to operate under the philosophy of VDD (Value Driven Development); how to deliver a maximum value as early as possible throughout the product life.

For companies that choose to operate in #NoEstimate, extreme quotation workshop will not necessarily be necessary; however, it will be interesting to get an idea of ​​how to deliver a maximum value as soon as possible. Indeed, it can always be interesting to have a clear vision of the way to go.

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